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Fluctuations - Prices


Fluctuations is a corpus of 28 photographs.

A first section, Vintage,  printed in 1998: 6 photographs printed on Kodak Polymax silver halide paper, print size 105x75 cm, image size 101x66 cm.

Limited edition of 3 copies.


A second section consists of 22 photographs in a limited edition established at a maximum of 10 copies. In this section, between 1998 and 1999, a limited Vintage part was printed on Bergger CM Prestige silver halide paper, print size 30x40 cm, image size 29x39 cm. Usually 3 copies, in some cases 5, in one case 6 (Fluctuation E. F36).



101x66 cm print on 105x75 cm paper       3,000 euros

 39x29 cm print on  40x30 cm paper           700 euros

Shipping costs not included.

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