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Burn the guillotine

La Commune de Paris. Thursday, April 6, 1871. Paris. Today burns the guillotine amid the jubilation of many inhabitants of the district of La Roquette. It all started on the initiative of a subcommittee of the National Guard and a battalion of the same and found enthusiastic popular support. The Journal Officiel published an appeal by the painter Gustave Courbet to all the artists of Paris to meet in an assembly in order to contribute to the restoration of their moral status and to the recovery of the arts, to the urgent reopening of the museums and to think about a future exhibition inviting foreign artists to participate. Jaroslaw Dombrowski, soldier, Polish patriot, member of the International and General of the Commune from today is the commander of the square of Paris.

Versailles appoints General Mac Mahon commander in chief of the government army.

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