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Freemasons parade through Paris

La Commune de Paris. Saturday, April 29, 1871. Today six thousand Masonic Brothers, belonging to fifty-five lodges met at the Carrousel and then went to the Hôtel de Ville (the Commune of Paris) where they were welcomed by representatives of the Commune. The Freemasons tried and tried to find a way out and conciliation between Paris and the government of Versailles. The latter, however, rejected any mediation or agreement with Paris and the Commune, preferring the path of civil war with the intention of resolving the revolt militarily, whatever the cost. A good number of Freemasons, disgusted by the intransigence of Thiers, joined the Commune and took up arms alongside the federates.

In the meantime the fights near the village of Moulineaux and near the cemetery of Issy are terrible.

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