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The Commune de Paris. Foreigners may also be elected.

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

The Commune de Paris. Thursday, March 30, 1871. Today the municipal assembly meets twice, at three o'clock and ten o'clock in the evening. During the afternoon session, it hears the reports of its committees, which met at one o'clock.

A small but emblematic topic is addressed: can foreigners be admitted as elects to the Commune? This is the decision approved:

"Considering that the flag of the Commune is that of the universal republic; Considering that each city has the right to give the title of citizen to the foreigners who serve it; That this practice has long existed among neighboring nations; Considering that the title of member of the Commune, being a sign of trust even greater than the title of citizen, implicitly includes the latter quality; The committee is of the opinion that foreigners may be admitted and proposes the admission of citizen Frankel" (Leo Frankel, Hungarian jeweler worker whom we will meet again in the coming weeks).

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Leo Frankel

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