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Box Notes - In Depth

The box notes are wooden boxes that inside collect small photographs, transparencies or objects. Everything is expressed in the form of visual notes that

imply thoughts, emotions and connections related to a specific theme. They all contain steel rods that hold the "notes" in suspension and the the "notes" and a lens to which it is necessary to approach the eye and which reveals a surprise behind it. The shadows cast on the background by the steel rods and by the suspended elements are a compositional moment that varies with the changing incidence of light. The same shadows are a two-dimensional reality of the projection of a three-dimensional reality. They are like our thoughts which  we consider to be a concrete thing when in fact it is pure intangible speculation that must be brought to become a concrete thing in another dimension than its own.

 Testimonianza oculista-Particolare.jpg
Eco e Narciso - Lente.jpg

Echo and Narcissus

Winner of the unique international prize IVYnode Award of 2018. It is inspired by the myth of Echo and Narcissus, which is represented by a photo of a woman from my Simo cycle, a drawing of a narcissus flower and a series of mirrors that reflect the image of people who look at the box notes. Behind the lens, the essence of Narcissus.

Eco e Narciso - Particolare.jpg


34x44 are the measurements of the box and in numerology they represent equilibrium and the absolute. 34x44 contains the works of some of my spiritual fathers: the photo of White on White by Malevich, the score of 3'44" (Silence) by John Cage and the drawing of a choreography by Merce Cunningham. For each of the men, these works represent traces of their search for equilibrium and the absolute.

34 x 44 - particolare.jpg

The testimony of view

This box is part of my 2017 project “Aromatic homage to Marcel Duchamp” on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the exhibition of the ready-made Fountain. It is a testimony to that.

A black and white negative that is a trace of the past: it portrays the bidets and urinals of the installation inside which aromatic herbs are grown. A bag of dried aromatic herbs. A lens that forces the eye to approach to see enlarged the small color photograph behind it.

Testimonianza oculista - Particolare.jpg

The end of the world

Dedicated to the risk of a human-caused end of the world. It shows a negative of Ira, a myth that is part of my Bellum work; the clock through which an international commission of scientists every year shows how close the end of the world may be on the basis of current armaments and risks of war; Albrecht Durer's Apocalypse. Behind the lens a surprise.

La fine del mondo - particolare.jpg
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