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Artist Statement

Mine is a continuous search for synthesis between form and content, ethics and aesthetics. My works are emotional photographs, surreal, black and white, seemingly monochrome, or with strong colors, with a large presence of black and dark tones. In recent years they have increasingly incorporated a variety of materials since for me, materials such as paper, woods, beeswax, natural varnishes and whatever else is useful are very important, because they give physicality, depth and tactility to my photographs.


With the aesthetic and formal expression, in my works, is mixed a strong conceptual elaboration, because I know I do not tell an objective reality but rather show stories of people, concepts and worlds as I feel them through the filters of my experience, my culture and my feeling. In addition, each of my cycles of work is a visual transposition of themes that I have been passionate about and have studied for months or years. It is a way for me to put my knowledge on paper and my need to share it. No less important to me is the presence of a deep and constant research on the relationship between the photographer and the camera and the entire photographic process.

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