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In Bellum I deal with the themes of war and violence by revisiting ancient myths of world culture and by putting at the center the figure of the woman who is an allegory of all humanity.

The title of the work is Bellum, which in Latin means war, in order not to characterize the content by giving it a particular geopolitical location and vision. Also in this respect I chose to portray a naked woman: without any specific type of clothing.

BELLUM refers to all wars, past and present. At the same time in the works we can also find the violence, anger and abuse that is expressed daily in our society and in family relationships.

The harshness of some of the images of the woman that we find in this exhibition eventually gives way to the hope expressed in the myths of Mnemosyne and Ahoeitu. And in the woman is seen the element capable of generating this revolution and positive energy.

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