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Bellum in Latin means War and it is the title of this work of mine composed of ten panels. The works tell ancient myths, divinities of distant civilizations scattered throughout the continents. Their stories are terrible and still make us reflect because nothing or too little seems to have changed in the deep nature of man.

The woman in the photographs is an allegory of humanity with all its violence and desire for self-destruction. The twelve photographs contained in each work are sometimes a tale of wickedness and cruelty, sometimes of despair, other times the attempt to recompose and rebirth of the human race. Unfortunately, war is not only in the world; it is also in each of us who are prey to modern myths, and to the anxieties and frustrations produced by them. Even today people are capable of atrocities towards their peers and their own relatives, often living in a state of inner war that becomes aggressiveness towards others.


I am aware that this work is pervaded by a deep and pressing sense of pessimism, a vision of a possible end to humanity in the near future. However, some of the panels reveal signs that can nourish the faint hope of a new humanism, which I believe may be the only remaining lifeline for a humanity unprepared for the possession of weapons of mass destruction and killer robots at its disposal today. A humanity unprepared for the unnatural speed of “progress”, for the loneliness imposed by today's society, for the sense of intoxication of reality, expanded through the virtual, which often reveals itself only as frustration and loneliness. We are lonely women and men, unable to live in solitude, longing within ourselves for relationships but now incapable of having them. All this arouses tension, hatred, inability to listen, fears, feelings of lacking when we have everything, the need to have what others have, whether good or bad. This is happening in a world that is seeing the depletion of the natural riches indispensable to humanity such as water and food. And while nature is being destroyed, the right of everyone to have the necessary food, the right to personal dignity and fairness is also being denied on a daily basis. What is lacking is the spirit of common bonds, the will to settle disagreements peacefully and amicably, to love one another beyond all else. In this world people lack the ability to love both themselves and others: things that go hand in hand, inseparable.

I see a lost humanity, I see its end, I do not believe in it, I can only hope for its survival and its happiness, all to be built and conquered, currently not of this world. 


With the only hope of the advent of a new Humanism.

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