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Commissioned projects

I don’t feel diminished by creating commissioned works. On the contrary, collaborating with the client, combining our thoughts, adapting the works to spaces and sizes and dealing with and solving certain themes are often stimuli that enrich the works.

It is wonderful to work on a person, on the forms of their body, on their interiority and their psychology: to interpret them and discovered. For fine art photographs worthy of being displayed at home and proudly shown to guests. 

Collaboration with private companies can provide the opportunity to tell the story of three generations of business owners, displaying it outdoors in the company’s historic spaces and courtyard.

The client may be an institution, such as the Fondazione Campana dei Caduti (Bell of the Fallen Foundation) for whom I created the large work “Il mondo alla Campana” (The World at the Bell) of over 10 square meters and a series of thematic discs for the Terrace of Vision.