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Artist's books


This is a DADA project organized on the basis of the specific SET OF RULES that I invite you to read. These artist's books each collect a series of my works. Each edition is a single copy and the arrangement of photos is different. I prepare and sell them on commission with a dedication to the recipient. The packaging is personally edited by Lia and me using fine Italian and Japanese papers.

ARTIST’S BOOK - Given to

Given to is an artist's book created at the same time as the work/installation Aromatic homage to Marcel Duchamp in which, 100 years after the Fountain, I paid homage to the great innovator of the twentieth century.

Given to contains photographs and thoughts as in a long-distance dialogue of mine with Duchamp.


I wanted to collect the photographs and my thoughts of Bellum, of myths and wars, in a large hand-written volume, page by page, as a slow exercise to encourage my own re-meditation.

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