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Artist's book - Dada Collection - 10 Precepts



The Ten Precepts with the principles for the realization of the artist's books of the DADA Series by Paolo Aldi: Fluctuations, Sunny Flowers, Futurist Portraits of the Third Millennium, Civil Pilgrimage of Peace, Without Words. Motivations and rules that are the basis of the artistic operation that is the DADA Series. The Dada Series is an operation that seeks, necessarily, to build a minimum relationship between me and someone who acquires one of my artists' books.

1. DEMOCRACY. Allow everyone to enjoy my photographs without having to spend large sums.

2. WARNING. Each of my artist's books is in multiple editions, but each edition is a unique copy that is distinguished from the others by a different arrangement of the photographs it contains. The collector knows that the book I deliver is similar but different from all the others. This uniqueness is a warning and my reward for the collector.

3. MULTIPLICITY. There are many editions, theoretically as many as there are possible combinations of the arrangement of the photographs contained therein. This expands the audience of those who can have my artist's book.

4. LESS. Each new edition costs a little more than the last, so the first people, who are more ready to believe in my work, are rewarded with a better price.

5. NO. No to the laws of the market that want the first edition of an artist's book to be more precious and expensive than the following ones. No to intermediation, to distributors who stand between the artist and the collector, between the artist and those who want his art. 

6. ORDER - Every one of my artist’s books is made to order.

7. HANDBOOK. The book is packaged directly by my wife and I.

8. DEDICATED. The book is dedicated to the collector.

9. RELATIONSHIP. The direct order of the art book, its packaging, dedication, and delivery are the construction and moments of a relationship.

10. DADA. Is all this absurd?


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