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Farewell to the daily appointment

La Commune de Paris. Sunday, October 30, 2021. As yesterday, 150 years ago and tragically repressed in blood, the revolt of the Commune de Paris ended. Today also marks the end of my commitment to retrace the events, ideals, decisions, mistakes, victories and defeats, day by day since August 17. And I conclude by taking up what was published on August 17 itself.

"Everyone is looking for their way, we are looking for ours and we believe that the day when the reign of freedom and equality will have arrived, humanity will be happy." With this quote from Louise Michel, an emblematic figure of the Paris Commune, I begin today to publish notes regarding The Paris Commune (La Commune de Paris), the 150th anniversary of which falls this year. A century and a half after this popular uprising against conservative power - born on the ruins of the French defeat against the Prussians - and finally trampled in blood, it is still worthy of being planted and remembered. This popular insurrection, taking power in Paris for three months, mirrored and addressed many issues of the modern era, still relevant today and many unresolved.

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