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Sunny Flowers exhibition. Last afternoon.

Sunday, August 22. Once again today I look forward to seeing you at St. Martin's Church for the last afternoon of the Sunny Flowers exhibition. The encounters, had in the previous five afternoons of the exhibition, with the more than 300 visitors have been particularly pleasant, interesting and stimulating. Tonight, however, at 19.00 the exhibition closes.

We are in Trentino and the church can be reached by going up from Villa Lagarina to the hamlet of Castellano and from here continuing towards the lake of Cei. Continue in the direction of Cimana and then park the car and walk up to the church of S. Martino. Walk through the woods for 15/20 minutes.

For those who want to walk in the afternoon, starting from Castellano, there is also a free walk that in about an hour and a half will reach San Martino, crossing, among other things, the beautiful forest of Daiano.

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