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Moldings - The technique

Moldings is the result of a long reflection on time and in time that began in 1984 when a series of color photographic specimens became wet. I wanted to experiment with what would happen if I left them in a humid place, separated into small strips. After some time, the first molds appeared and the first shifts of the photographic gelatin. I then decided to encourage a real process of mold, an action that I call molding.


By moving the small photographs from one container to another, from damp to dry and vice versa, I cultivated a small breeding ground of industrious moulds. Over the years here are the molds that I would define as a natural Informal work.


The photographs portrayed the inauguration of new environments, groups of people who wanted to be “immortalized”, as can still be glimpsed quite distinctly in the Sixth Molding. They were images of the human desire for immortality, of the conviction of being able to leave an indelible mark on the world, of the conceit of being stronger than nature and time. But these traces, precisely in the course of time, could only become mouldy, oxidized, devoured, lost in their own abyss, liquefied, buried until the almost total disappearance of every form.


At this point, with a further photographic step, by means of a great enlargement on canvas of the small photographic specimens prey to the molds and that became something else, I arrived at these works, which, even though they no longer have any relationship with the starting reality, are to all intents and purposes like new realities.

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