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Fluctuations - The Technique


The Fluctuations are photodynamic photographs: the subject moves in front of the camera and the photographic shot is not an instantenous one that freezes the moment but a long pose that records the trails left by the body in movement.

The subjects are women chosen by me because they had interesting movements and postures, enthusiastic willingness to be involved in this project, and above all they were not professional models who I feared would pose rather than live.

The shooting set was a space of about 3 meters by 3 meters and as high, all black. For me it represented the amniotic space in which one is reborn and starts again in uncertainty and with uncertainty; for the subject it represented the environment in which to interpret herself.  With each woman, I first showed her the space, then discussed the theme and how she could perform it, also based on some sketches I had prepared. We rehearsed the movements and I evaluated what arrangement of lights and exposure times to use. Then each subject was able to interpret the theme and move in total freedom.

Film: Kodak Infrared Film for the slight halo effect around the bodies and the beautiful grain.

Concentrated and very hard continuous lighting.

Fixed camera, solidly mounted on a tripod. Pose times between 1/8 and ½ second based on the individual movement capabilities of each subject (each of us does the same movement with different speeds according to our differing motor abilities).


At the time of printing, much "masking" and especially "burning" were done to obtain the desired photographic print.

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