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Sunny Flowers - The technique

Sunny Flowers are fantastic flowers, works that are the fruit of a four-handed work by Lia, my wife, and me. Sunny Flowers are the result, which we consider “magical”, the combination of nature, our sensitivity, our creativity, the sun, the technique, the pleasure of a four-handed work by two people companions for a lifetime.

Originally, they are usually small wild flowers that come up in the grass in the spring and summer, often in our garden at home. We choose and pick some and expose them immediately to the sun placed on a photographic film (ones typical of the last century) and held between a board and a pane of glass. After a few tens of minutes we remove the glass and detach the flowers from the film that preserves their forms. In a second phase we get a digital file from our negatives and we go to realize digitally the colors we want.

Then we move on to various printing methods to get the finished works.

In these works, besides the aesthetic aspect, there is the conceptual one of condensing in a single procedure the history of photographic technique in its evolution from the nineteenth-century use of the sun to imprint the photographic prints, to the use of the negative characteristic of the last century, to arrive at the use of the current digital technique. We bypass the use of the camera to get to the deepest roots of photography, which is the work of light which allows the recording of forms on materials sensitive to it.

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Exposure to the sun of flowers placed on large format color negatives

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