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The Lake - The technique



The technique with which these images are created is rather complex, laborious and slow. At the beginning is a photograph taken in places and moments that are personally significant and ideal. Then comes the processing that reconstructs with digital techniques the stylistic features characteristic of pinhole photography: light fall at the corners of the photo, lack of sharpness and other problems of this antique photographic practice that is carried out with cameras without lenses. Then, with a printer, I make a pigment print on a flexible backing, then I transport the image and transfer the pigments onto a poplar wood board. The flexible backing is removed. I then apply several coats of sandarac varnish. Then the encaustic, that is a mixture of beeswax melted with other waxes and natural resins, thus obtaining further coloration and a resistant and pleasantly tactile surface. Finally, the polishing of the wax, which is done manually and with patience over the course of a couple of weeks. 

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