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Mostra Sunny Flowers nella chiesa San Martino

Sunny flowers exhibition in the church of San Martino - lake Cei - in Trentino near Rovereto

Sunny Flowers by Lia and Paolo Aldi

“Sunny Flowers” are an explosion of shapes and colors, an unusual way of seeing, telling and interpreting flowers photographically. They almost don't look like photographs, and this is because they are not made with a camera; it is a photographic alchemy that uses the sun to collect the visual imprint of the flowers that have been placed on photographic film and so have left their trace/image. The works are also the transposition of our reflection on the photographic medium and its technical history. In these works we reinterpret the history of photographic techniques by using, as in the nineteenth century, the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun, the photographic film of our twentieth century and the information technology of our contemporary times, bypassing however the use of a camera in order to reach the deepest synthesis of the photographic process: the light on the subject and something that keeps an image, an imprint. To these creative and reflective operations are added interventions of photographic printing, often experimental and unusual, which contribute to creating further visual suggestions for the free space to the imagination and interpretation of the observer.

In these works there is not realism but imagination, vision, creativity, research and experimentation. All the creative process is carried out with great rigor on our part, although aware that in these works the unexpected and the surprise are always around the corner. And it is precisely these unexpected events that we seize, we make them ours with open-mindedness and pleasure of surprise, because these unexpected happenings are a challenge but also and above all new impetus for new creations.

This artistic attitude allows the observer to find large quantities of colors, of light and dark, of nuances, of details within the overall work. We believe that their careful observation can promote pleasure and meditative moments with suggestions that lead to other things.

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