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Arrest of Auguste Blanqui

La Commune de Paris. March 17, 1871, Friday.

The crisis in metropolitan France and especially in Paris is mounting more and more. The clash between republicans and monarchists, between the poor and starving people and the social classes that hold wealth and power, is getting stronger and closer to exploding.

Today, in one of the most beautiful feats of Thiers (head of the restorative government), "the" revolutionary Auguste Blanqui is arrested, near Figeac, where he rested with his granddaughter,

Auguste Blanqui was born on February 8, 1805. He was "the" revolutionary. He was more a theorist of the seizure of power than of the socialist revolution. He participated in all the revolutions of the nineteenth century in France - except that of the Commune being under arrest to this day. But all the same, the propaganda of the time, the fakes as we would say in 2021, will still have him in Paris in the coming weeks (1871).

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