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Commune de Paris. The problem of Post

The Commune de Paris. Friday, March 31, 1871. Today a poster is posted on the walls of Paris concerning the problem of the reorganization of the post office. Management and employees of the Paris post office have prevaricated their adhesion to the Commune but essentially remained loyal to the Versailles government which from the beginning ordered them not to obey the insurgents. For its part, the Commune in its disorganization did not immediately tackle the problem and did not impose its power. The post offices in Paris have stopped working for a few days, with serious damage especially to the artisanal, industrial and commercial companies that are reorganizing themselves after months of blockade due to the Prussian siege. When this manifesto appears today, the director and chief officials have already fled to Versailles yesterday, taking stamps, equipment and cash from the cashier with them. The Commune therefore seeks to reorganize the postal service on the basis of the help of postmen and socialist officials in service and retirement; a little by convincing and a little by threatening the remaining staff.

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