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Fighting and blood in the streets of Paris

La Commune de Paris. La semaine sanglant. Tuesday 23 May. Throughout the day fighting and bloodshed in the streets of Paris as the troops of Versailles inexorably advance. The Batignolles, the Place de Clichy and the hill of Montmartre fall. General Dombrowski is killed at the foot of a barricade. The Versailles massacre women, children, old people, federated prisoners: taken to Parc Monceau there they are killed. On one side Versailles' troops launch incendiary howitzers, on the other the Communards set fire to defend the barricades before being massacred. Even that which evokes the Old Order against which they rose up, that which the women and men of the Commune wanted to change, is burned. There are no agreed upon decisions, these are isolated acts. On this night of May 23, The Tuileries, the Court of Auditors, the Council of State, the Palace of the Legion of Honor are enveloped in flames.

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