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First measures of the “Commune de Paris”

La Commune de Paris. Wednesday, March 29, 1871. Today the first immediate steps are taken following the first meeting of the municipal assembly held yesterday evening. They are immediately important decisions.

The Commune of Paris decrees that conscription is abolished; no military force, other than the National Guard, may be created or brought into Paris; all valid citizens are part of the National Guard.

On rents since labor, industry and commerce have borne all the burdens of war, it is only fair that property should make its share of sacrifices. So a reduction in rents, shifting of payments and other facilities for tenants.

As for the pawnshop (“Monte di Pietà”, in Italian), the measure is all in one article: The sale of objects deposited at the Monte di Pietà is suspended.

The fourth decree annuls the decrees of the Government of Versailles.

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