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Interventions on the food front

La Commune de Paris. Monday, April 24, 1871. The question of food supplies was dramatic during the winter siege of Paris by the Prussians, while in the past weeks after the insurrection and the establishment of the Commune it became less crucial. With the exception of bread, there is sufficient food thanks to the stocks accumulated after the siege and to the cultivation of farmland and gardens located between the fortifications and the German lines. With today, however, we begin to feel the effects of the railway blockade imposed by the Thiers government of Versailles, supplies have become more difficult with the consequent increase in prices. Moreover, let's keep in mind that the expense to buy food absorbs the main part of the current family expenses and therefore, as already mentioned, since the day before yesterday, municipal butcher shops have been created in order to lighten the family budget. To these have been added the public sales of potatoes, just as municipal canteens and meal distributions are in operation. To get bread, special vouchers are distributed.

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