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New Communes are born in France

La Commune de Paris. Friday, March 24, 1871. While Paris prepares for the elections, new Communes are established in Narbonne, Saint-Étienne, Toulouse.

In Narbonne (in the south of France, about 100 kilometers from Montpellier and Toulouse, more than 600 kilometers from Paris) in the evening at the end of a spontaneous insurrection the Town Hall is occupied and the constitution of the central Commune of the district of Narbonne is announced, united to the Commune Nationale de Paris. The red flag is adopted as a symbol of popular aspirations. After a public debate in the Town Hall square and by acclamation the members of the new government of the Commune are elected one by one: Émile Digeon, journalist and provisional leader, president Baptiste Limouzy, gardener; Prosper Nègre, librarian; Barthélémy Noël, commander of the National Guard; Eugène Gondres, commercial representative; Auguste Bouniol, wine merchant; Arthur Conche, bookseller; Victor Grasset, pastry chef.

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