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Pension for citizens wounded by the enemy

La Commune de Paris. Saturday, April 8, 1871. Today the Commune decrees that "Every citizen wounded by the enemy in the defense of the rights of Paris shall receive, if his wound results in partial or absolute incapacity, an annual and life pension, the amount of which shall be fixed by a special commission composed of the citizens Lefrançais, Malon, Grousset and Ostyn, within the limits of three hundred to one thousand two hundred francs."

Other measures taken during the day are the decision for the establishment of a Barricade Commissionand the decision to give every member of the Commune, arrested by order, the right to be heard at the first meeting following his arrest.

In today's issue of Le Monde Illustré we find an illustration of the Tuileries Garden in Paris transformed into an artillery park.

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