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Reorganization of the troops of the National Guard of the Commune de Paris

La Commune de Paris. Friday, April 28, 1871. For the Commune, things are not going well in the fighting against the army of Versailles. We read in the Journal Officiel: "the defense of Fort d'Issy is heroic. The fort is literally covered with bullets. While I was at Fort Vanves, I witnessed a fierce musket fight with the Versailles. It lasted three quarters of an hour.Meudon is on fire. Attacks have taken place at Clamart, Asnières, les Moulineaux, Neuilly." The fort of Issy is in great distress and danger, disorder, it is evident, reigns in the organization of the defense: there is a lack of certain information about the state of the army, of the artillery, there are defections in the National Guard. A decision is taken to reorganize the National Guard troops defending Paris and its Commune, as we can see in the published manifesto.

Considering the seriousness of the circumstances and the need to take the most radical and energetic measures in a timely manner, a debate begins among the Commune's leaders on the advisability of creating a restricted Public Health Committee to which all powers should be entrusted. Opinions are expressed for and against.

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