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Requisition of vacant housing in Paris and ceasefire in Neuilly

La Commune de Paris. Tuesday, April 25, 1871. The Commune decided to requisition vacant housing to accommodate the victims of the bombing carried out by the troops of Versailles. In case of emergency, therefore, a sort of right to housing was outlined.

On the fighting front. At last a brief cease-fire in Neuilly. For the past few days Versailles bombs have continued to fall on the buildings of the harmless inhabitants of Neuilly, Ternes, Clichy, Levallois and other places. The Communard National Guard is fighting back blow after blow and the inhabitants of these places are right in the middle of the fierce clash. Today, thanks to the truce, they finally get some breathing room and the chance to get out of their cellars.

In Belle-Epine near Villejuif, an officer of the Versailles cavalry shoots four communard soldiers who had surrendered and the news reaches Paris arousing indignation.

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