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School and culture

La Commune de Paris. Friday, May 12. Today the poster announcing the Professional School of Industrial Art for girls is posted with the aim of completing their scientific and literary education by adding practical courses. The poster is signed by Commune member Édouard Vaillant. As a delegate for teaching one of his first acts was to invite teachers, students, and parents of students to form spontaneous committees to discuss all the problems of education and make proposals about them.

Linking art and education he stated that "theaters should be considered above all great educational institutions; and, in a Republic, they must be just that." Without aiming for state control of culture ("Of course, we don't want to have state art!"), Vaillant sought to combat the commercialization of entertainment. His second proposal was thus in favor of self-management of theaters by artists: "In the arts exploitation is perhaps more terrible than in the workshops, and all theaters are exploited, from top to bottom."

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