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Sortie of the National Guard against Versailles and demonstration of the women of Paris

The Commune de Paris.Monday, April 3, 1871. Unprepared militarily, the generals of the Commune decide a sortie against Versailles.It is a disastrous adventure.Their 40,000 men are surprised by the cannon bombardment of the Mont-Valérien fort, which they wrongly considered neutral, the coordination between the various battalions does not work and they are therefore forced to retreat.General and Commune member Gustave Flourens is taken prisoner and killed.In Paris, on the Place de la Concorde, several hundred women gather to march with the intention of going to Versailles to prevent the flow of blood, trying to persuade the government soldiers not to fight against the Commune.At the gates of Paris they stop and for reasons that are not historically clarified they stop and return to the center.Then many will decide to go to help the Communards of the National Guard wounded in battle.

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