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The Stock market works despite the blockade

La Commune de Paris. Friday, April 7, 1871. In the night of armed clashes outside Paris but in the city all is rather quiet. Today, therefore, is an opportunity to describe how life in the city in these early days of April. Since March 18, the government of Versailles has organized the "blockade" of Paris to isolate it and cut off communication with the outside world. However, up until now, there has never been a truly effective food blockade because to the north and east the capital is surrounded by the Prussians who do not prevent food supplies from reaching the city. What is instead concrete is the information blockade. The mail has resumed functioning in the city, but it is very difficult to get it to the rest of the country, if not by subterfuge or by hand. In French newspapers, only "governmental" information arrived, aimed at putting the Commune's experience in a bad light; the Parisians were portrayed as drunks thirsty for alcohol and blood, devoted to bacchanals and "red" orgies. As mentioned today the city is quiet and Sunday will be Easter. Despite the difficulties, many activities continue, even if in the rich districts a large number of stores are closed because their customers have left. The Paris Stock market continues to be normally active, as does the Bank of France. In the picture the Journal Officiel, in the evening edition, and the stock exchange listing of the last days.

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