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Women, meetings and clubs

La Commune de Paris. Tuesday, May 9, 1871. In these days, which become more and more convulsive and the war is now almost in Paris, the commitment of the Parisian women becomes more and more sensitive, both preparing and distributing meals at the front and working with ambulances, even if the machismo present in the National Guard is evident. Although they have not yet come to ask to vote, they claim to be citizens like men and therefore to speak publicly in meetings and clubs. The latter are meetings that in Paris are held in public halls and churches and bring together hundreds of people who debate on various issues, are also moments of organization. They allow anyone to express their aspirations, particularly for the creation of a new social order. They have even gone so far as to set up a federation of clubs in order to have a dialogue with the public administration. Today the fort of Issy, at twelve thirty, falls into the hands of the army of Versailles and this is a serious blow for the Commune de Paris. Because of this Rossel resigns from the position of military manager and there is a reshuffle of the same committee of public health.

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